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The Tuesday of the Beast is over. The world goes on.
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Most of you have probably already seen the post about Vflarian's passing made by [ profile] anathemad. I am beside myself and really have no words right now. All I know is that one of the closest and dearest friends I have ever had is gone.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kyaraelf!
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I hope you have a wondrous day.

I love you and I am thankful every day that you are a part of my life.



Feb. 24th, 2006 10:49 am
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You Are 78% Evil
You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
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[ profile] anathemad and I brought Grimmy to the vet this morning to be euthanized. His diabetes had gotten the better of him, he was unable to stand or walk at all and he was clearly not lucid. Unfortunately, we were never really able to regulate his sugar levels very well with insulin.

Grimmy has always been my favorite of our horde. He felt like he belonged to me not just because I fed him and we shared living space, but because he respected me and felt I was worthy of him. He trusted me in all things. Never fought with me during nail clippings or struggled when I held him, even in undignified positions. He was always there to comfort me when I was sick or depressed.

The house feels so empty. I feel like a part of me is missing.

Grimlock 1994-2006

EDIT: More pictures in anathemad's post.
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How the fuck did they ever cancel Firefly? Morons.

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me
Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me
There's no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can't take the sky from me...
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If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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Technology really pisses me off sometimes.
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"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes it is necessary to become the evil that one fights in order to conquer it and move beyond it.

Bang Bang.

Jan. 20th, 2006 10:09 am
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Dollar Bill

People Iced:Twenty Nine
Car Bombs Planted:One
Favorite WeaponRevolver
Arms Broken:Twenty Four
Eyes Gouged:Thirteen
Tongues Cut Off:Two
Biggest Enemy:Bad Boy Bart

Get Your HITMAN Name

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New Dr. Who on SciFi Channel

I'll have to add it to the TiVo list.
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Once again, life shows that people get what they deserve. *L*

Unrelated Meme-age )
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I found someone has made a FireFox Extension called LJ Hook. It adds a right-click menu to fields in LJ to easily add HTML and LJ tags.

If you use FireFox, go try it out.
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I'll pick a movie that I'll be playing each Friday evening, and anyone who wants to join us is welcome to come over to watch the movie, have dinner, and visit. Dinner will be dutch takeout of some sort.

After short hiatus, the Friday Night Movie has returned! I've been rewiring stuff in the house, and the rear speakers were disconnected for a while. This week's movie is one of my favorites from this year!

Thai food will be ordered this week. Dinner will be ordered at 6:30pm, and the movie starts at 9pm.

This week's movie will be:



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